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Good morning Lilly Lovers! At The Pink Pelican, we have been feeling like delicious divas in the las... Read More.

Just because Summer is gone doesn't mean it's time to kiss those sunglasses goodbye. Eye protection is necessary, and fashionable, year-round. Lilly has some new styles that are easier on the walle... Read More.

The Pink Pelican is THRILLED to share some exciting news! We are moving! It's just a hop, skip and a jump away... Read More.

Good almost afternoon Lilly Lovers! Sorry for the delay with today's blog post but my internet is down at home. I exhausted my solutions with my go-to of turning it off and turning it back ... Read More.

This fall, Lilly loves Drama and you're the one taking center stage. What better way to steal the spotlight than with standout accessories? Personally, I used to prefer silver but this seas... Read More.

The Pink Pelican girls are all having a love affair-with the oh so excellent Elsa. It's the perfect top for party, play or any old day. ... Read More.

Good morning Lilly Lovers! Yesterday, it was downright chilly here at The Pink Pelican in Huntsville and I loved it! Cooler temps mean cozy and chic sweaters and I have my eye on a couple.... Read More.

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