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How to make your own Lilly Pulitzer monogram

Date: 07/16/2012

Good morning Lilly Lovers! A few weeks ago on Pinterest, the Pelican Girls stumbled across the cutest Lilly Pulitzer monograms and decided to show you how you can create your very own marvelous monogram from your favorite Lilly Pulitzer print. These monograms can be used as email signatures, Facebook profile photos, to create custom Lilly Pulitzer binders, sized down for a phone cover--the possibilities are endless! You could even print them out to make pretty pennants for the banner we showed you how to make last week. Or, create your own cards, gift enclosures or gifts.

All you need is your favorite Lilly print and some free online photo editing software. For this project, I used pixlr though I use PicMonkey for other things. On PicMonkey, you can easily crop and make collages--they also have some neat effects.

Once you choose your Lilly print, which may be the hardest part, head to pixlr and click pixlreditor, then select open image from computer. Once your image is open, you can decide whether or not it needs cropped. Below, I highlighted some of the tools you'll need to use.

An optional step, that I like because it helps the project look "finished," is to place a border around the whole image. You use the shape cut for this and at the top select border width (I used 5) and whether or not you want to fill the image--if this is clicked it will fill in everything within the border with a solid color so make sure it isn't checked. In the photo above, see where all the black squares are? Click the largest one to select your border color. Select the shape that corresponds with your image. In mine, it was a rectangle. Getting the border to line up correctly can be tricky. If it's not quite right, under edit, click undo. I generally have to try a couple times. You can also leave out this step completely.

Next you want to select the shape you want to hold your monogram. I used a circle and since I had just made a border, left that alone as it automatically does the last color and width. In this case, I did want to fill in my shape so I clicked that box and selected an orange hue for the center of my circle. Circles can be a pain to get the right shape and in the right position. I used the Undo option several times here--just play with it and keep drawing it until it's the size and shape you prefer.

The last step is to add your initials! Select the text icon (the A) and type in the first letter of your last name. You can scroll through different fonts and, if you have special fonts downloaded to Word, they also will show up in pixlr. Make the middle letter as large as you can and use the arrow (top right of the tool rectangle) to move it into the desired position.

Next, type in your first inital and place it to the left of the center letter--size it down considerably from the large letter. Repeat these steps for the other side, ensuring your two side letters are the same size. And there you have it! Easy peasy! You've created your very own Lilly Pulitzer monogram!

If you make your own Lilly Lovin' monogram, the Pelican Girls would be tickled pink to see it so make sure you share it on our Facebook Page! Another tip? If you plan on printing it, ensure you've selected a fairly large image to begin with and save it as large as you can.

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