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The Lilly Pulitzer Murfee Scarf TOPS our list for summer style

Date: 07/23/2012

Good morning Lilly Lovers! The Pelican Girls hope you ALL had a wonderful weekend and we hope you'll take a minute to go to our Facebook Page, or sound off in the comments below, and tell us what is your very favorite piece of Lilly!

At the Pink Pelican, we know how much Lilly Lovers LOVE the Lilly Pulitzer Murfee Scarf because we love it too. Hot summer days don't have to make you say goodbye to those marvelous Murfees--we've got some wonderful ways to wear it well.

Here's some easy ways to wear it. In the summer, I generally keep a Murfee stashed in my handbag because it tends to be so chilly in restaurants.

The other day, Kathryn, who is part of our Joe's Crew wore her Lilly Pulitzer Murfee in A Thing Called Love to the store in one of the most summery and stylish ways we've ever seen. She topped the style charts when she wore it as a chic top with her white jeans.

The Pelican Girls were tickled pink when she showed us how easy peasy it is to create this terrific topper! She began by wearing a strapless cami and standing with the Murfee behind her with the top corners of each edge on her hands. Then she simply wrapped them around the front, criss-crossed them at the neck and tied the corners at the nape of her neck. To "top" it off, she donned a thin belt at her waist.

Here's the view from the back:

You can blouse the Murfee to make it shorter or pull it down to make it longer--just play with what proportion works best for you! And, of course, the perfect piece to finish ANY Lilly look are our Lilly Pulitzer Resort Chic Wedges. For summer, we particularly love the Basketweave Wedge in Gold Metallic and the Resort Chic Wedge in Shell Yeah.

Tell us--how do YOU wear your Murfee Scarf?